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How is a fragrance born?

A fragrance is a combination of different scents, which wisely combined, gives rise to a perfect harmony.

Bio Happy perfumes were born in Grasse, from the craftsmanship of Expressions Parfumées, a French company that for decades has been working in the field of fine and luxury perfumery. The fragrances are formulated with 100% natural and organic certified raw materials such as essential oils or their agents obtained only by physical methods such as distillation, cold pressing or extraction.

The "noses" that create the Bio Happy fragrances

The creation of a fragrance is not merely mixing several components. It is a true art in itself, in which personal experience and sensitivity of each "nose" expert play a key role.

"Nose" is the term commonly used for a perfumer, an expert who creates fragrances. This term clearly expresses how important olfactory qualities are for a perfumer, in particular the ability to recognise and recall smells. A perfumer, like an artist, imagines in his mind the olfactory result he wants to obtain before he selects and mixes the components that will create the fragrance. 

Alain Allione
Alain Allione is a famous perfumer from Grasse, the home of French perfumery. At the age of 16, Alain began to cultivate his passion for creating fragrances; he attended summer classes at the school of perfumery of his home town, and drew inspiration from nature.
"If I were a raw material, I would be water. If I were a colour, I would be blue. If I were art, I would be design. If I were an emotion, I would be... intuition" A. Allione

"GREENWOOD" FRAGRANCE: aromatic neoclassic
Vincent Ricord
Vincent Ricord is a young perfumer with effervescent curiosity. He vibrates to the sound of jazz and, behind his bass and accompanied by other musicians, he finds inspiration for his creations.

So many emotions that lead Vincent to create modern perfumes, where nature and elegance come together and their top, heart and base notes encompass all the vibrations of the world.

"FIZZY LIME" FRAGRANCE: sparkling scent
"FLEUR DE SEL" FRAGRANCE: when minerals perfume
"SENSUAL" FRAGRANCE: intense and mysterious
Stéphane Coez
Stéphane Coez, creative and passionate, is a very experienced perfumer. He has worked in all the major fields of perfumery and is currently engaged in the creation of natural perfumes.

Music is an important part of his creative process and high mountains are his favourite place to recharge his mind.

"The perfect harmony exists in perfumery as in music; you must go straight to the point and it is all a matter of balance" S. Coez. 

"FRUIT COCKTAIL" FRAGRANCE: pulp and vitamins

What is an olfactory pyramid?

The olfactory pyramid is a representation of how a fragrance is sensed with respect of time. It consists of 3 theoretical plans based on persistence and speed of evaporation, called "notes":
  • Top notes: they are perceived immediately upon application of a perfume and usually last a few minutes. They are citrus, herbs and marine notes. They are fragrances that stimulate the sense of smell and are very important in the selling of a perfume.
  • Heart notes: they are very powerful and consistent; they give the fragrance its final character. They are perceived after a few minutes, and are usually fruity and floral notes. They determine the "trail" of the fragrance.
  • Base notes: they are the characteristic notes of great persistence, evaporate slowly and therefore can be perceived for a long time. Woody, leather, amber, musk, balsamic, oriental, vanilla notes are a few examples of base notes.
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